At Novo Nordisk, we’re committed to environmental change. We have ambitious targets as part of our “Circular for Zero” initiative, including:

You can find out more about our Circular for Zero initiative here.

And now, we want to make an even bigger difference by including empty Novo Nordisk pens.

Every year in the UK, these pens are among 23 million medical pens that end up incinerated or sent to landfill as, until now, there has not been a viable recycling alternative. This is not sustainable.

At Novo Nordisk, as the people who make these pens, we want to play our part in fixing this. 

We have developed a new, innovative process that lets us recycle our pre-filled pens after use. 

The materials in these pens are too good to waste. By finding new ways to reuse them, we can help put an end to the unsustainable use of earth’s natural resources.  

But we can't do this without you. Your participation is key to the success of PenCycle.

Supporting PenCycle only takes a few minutes but will have an impact that lasts for years.

We want a solution that works for everyone. PenCycle will not only help reduce waste, and advance the sustainability agenda of community pharmacy, it will also be supporting the transition of the UK health sector and helping achieve the NHS’ critical environmental targets.