If you use pre-filled Novo Nordisk pens, PenCycling could not be simpler, and is completely free of charge. Your Alcura homecare delivery service will provide you with a PenCycle return box during your regular home delivery or collection. 

Or, you can order some here.

Please always make sure your pen is empty before you drop it in the box.

Removing the needle from your empty pen before you drop your pen in the return box is really important – your pen cannot be recycled if the needle is still attached.

Your PenCycle return box can hold a maximum of 12 pens. You can ask your homecare delivery service for a new one when they make their next delivery or collection.

Good news: you don’t even need to leave your house to get involved! Just hand your full return box or boxes to your Alcura homecare delivery driver the next time they visit.

Because Growth Hormone is a controlled substance, this is currently the only way to PenCycle. If you use Growth Hormone, please do not take your filled boxes to a pharmacy or send them via post.